The first time I canned anything, I made strawberry jam. Full quarts of strawberry jam. Not the smartest idea, I admit, but I had no idea how much jam that actually was. I pulled them out of the canner and let them cool overnight. The next morning when I checked on them, I found that they had all sealed. I had read about the “ting,” the “pop,” and the “thwack” of the jars sealing, but I hadn’t heard it. My next canning adventure was pickled jalapenos. I put them in much smaller jars, since I had learned my lesson from the jam. This time, I pulled the jars out of the canner and almost immediately heard them seal. It really is the best sound! Every jar that popped gave me such a sense of accomplishment, like “I MADE that and it did what it was supposed to!” My husband thought it rather odd, but now if I take a batch out of the canner and walk away, he’ll yell “THEY’RE POPPING AND YOU’RE MISSING IT!” The smaller the jars, the quicker the sealing, so stay close to your jars! You may just capture it on your phone and listen to it every now and again, because you are a dork like me.