In my quest for a more natural life, I’ve been trying out some new hair products. I bought a really great smelling Kiss My Face shampoo, then quickly realized it had wheat protein in it. Though most Celiac’s are able to use products containing wheat topically, I am not one of them. I have an eczema-like reaction which isn’t pretty! So I ditched the KMF (which is sad because I really liked the smell!) and bought this-

p132236bI tend to have issues with dandruff (sexy, no?) and flaky scalp, so this naturally calming shampoo appealed to me. It seems to be doing a nice job of keeping my scalp clean but not dry. I’ve been using this product for about a month now, so I feel I can give a good review.



  – Smell is pleasant and not medicinal, as some dandruff shampoos can be

  – Rinses clean. I can’t tell you how important this is to me. My hair gets weighed down very easily, so I need a shampoo that rinses easily. It is a thicker shampoo though, so rinsing does take a few more seconds than normal.

  – Reasonably priced. I bought it on sale for under $7. I’d pay that again without issue.

  -Does the job! My scalp is flake-free and not itchy. Usually by this time after switching from my old “tried and true” shampoo, I’d notice flakes. None so far though!

  – Nice lather. I know lathering agents can be bad for the hair, but I NEED LATHER.


  – The shampoo is THICK. It’s a bit like spreading marshmallow fluff in your hair. I find that it works best if I rub the shampoo in just a bit, then dip my head back under the shower spray quickly before finishing the lather.

I recently bought the matching conditioner to try out. I’ll post a review once I get a good feel for it.