I live in Texas. This state has it fair share of bugs. I’ve never lived in a place with so many! They leave us alone for the most part, except for one exception: fruitflies. These little gnats like to take up residence in my kitchen and oddly, upstairs bathroom. No matter what I do, they continue to invade, hell bent on making me fully annoyed. They are harmless, but a nuisance for sure. They have to go. But how can you take care of them 1. quickly, 2. cheaply, and 3. effectively? The answer is simple: water, soap, and vinegar. Just take a small, shallow dish and put a decent amount of apple cider vinegar in it. (Note: Other vinegars don’t work. Has to be ACV.)


A few drops of soap go in, followed by enough water to make the soap foamy.


Set it in an area with fruit flies and wait. The next day, you’ll notice the soap bubbles have gone away but the jar is filled with the remains of more fruit flies than you ever thought possible. It’s disgusting and yet quite satisfying.

photo 1

Clean the jars out, refill, and set back out. This method works well and should keep the fruit flies at bay. It’s also totally safe around kids, pets, and clumsy bloggers!