My husband had to work all day (and night!) a few days ago, so my daughter and I decided to make ourselves useful. We needed a quick, relatively inexpensive project that would help our household in some way.I thought about planting some flowers, but decided instead to to a Pinterest-inspired project I’ve seen floating around. This NEEDED to be in my yard. danmade-planterfall-step11-


I love the succulents they planted, but I wanted something I could use. I decided to plant herbs instead. I was hoping for mint, basil, parsley, and oregano, but it’s a bit late in the season so I knew I couldn’t be choosey.

   Home Depot: The Final Frontier. I was *hoping* to get everything I needed here. My shopping list:

  • 1 14″ terra cotta pot (and matching saucer)
  • 1 12” terra cotta pot
  • 1 10″ terra cotta pot
  • 3 8″ terra cotta pots
  • 1 6″ terra cotta pot
  • 1 48″ long, 1/2 inch wooden dowel
  • 1 1.5 cubic feet bag of soil
  • 1 bag of pebbles
  • Plants

Home Depot was pretty tapped out of herbs, so I managed to get basil and not much else. They were also out of a 10” pot. I ran to two other stores and found the 10 pot and more herbs. Back to the house we went and laid everything out. 



     I managed to find thai basil, regular sweet basil, Mexican oregano, thyme, sage, curly leaf parsley and flat leaf parsley. All good herbs that I use regularly. I struck out on mint though. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for some and will plant in a separate pot if I find some. 

     Assembly is fairly easy. You’re going to put the largest pot and matching saucer on the ground. Put one of the 8” pots upside down in the middle of it. Place the 12” pot right side up, and another 8” pot upside down in the middle of that. (You can see that in the above picture.) The 10″ pot goes next, with the 6″ pot upside down. The final 8″ pot goes right side up. The wooden dowel goes down through it all to keep it stable. You will probably need to cut a foot or so off the dowel, but don’t do that until it’s all assembled. If you cut too much, the top pot won’t be secure and you need these pots to be secured! 

It should look like this when it’s done. I put rocks all the way around the bottom of the pots, to increase drainage and decrease the amount of soil you need. 

securedownload (1)

Yes, it looks a bit wonky. My pots didn’t sit down perfectly. Once you get the dirt and everything in, you can adjust if need be. Or leave it. It’s up to you. 

Next, add dirt. And in my case, take out some rocks. Because I used too many. Then add dirt. 

securedownload (2)

Then, guess what? PLANT! I used the largest plant (Thai basil) at the top because it was pretty and will fill in most of that pot as it grows.  The oregano and thyme were next. They are trailing and cascading, which I like the look of. I don’t think they are meant to do that though… I’m hoping they’ll perk up with water and time. I alternated the parsley next, using flat/curly/flat/curly plants around the next-to-biggest pot. The bottom is basil and sage. The basil, I know from experience, will grow and grow BIG. It can take over the pot pretty quickly. I used a lot of basil in my cooking, so that’s okay with me. Here’s the final shot:

securedownload (3)

It looks…meh. I mean, I love it, but then again, I created it. The plants need some TLC. I Miracle Gro-ed them and have been watering often. My hope is that they will perk up and flourish. If not, I’ll just harvest what I can and replant. It’s a win/win really.