I am not Lindsay Lohan. I am not, in any sense of the word, “trendy.” Therefore, I’ve always had this negative image of kombucha. I’ve seen it in the store and heard the hype. As soon as I heard it as “kind of vinegary” I was immediately disgusted. WHO WANTS TO DRINK VINEGAR?! Gross. I hate the smell of vinegar. Blech. So drinking it was not high on my list of things to do.  I have Celiacs and my doctor, after reviewing my endoscopy results, told me “you need to heal your intestines. Seriously.” Yay.) So I started researching ways to heal my gut. I kept coming back to fermented foods. Kimchi. Sauerkraut. Kefir. Kombucha. None of it sounded appetizing, at least not in the quantity/frequency I would need. I happened to be listening to the radio on the way to the store and heard an add for soda pop flavored kombucha. Raw, organic, no artificial sweeteners and under 60 calories. Oh really? They just happened to be carried by the store I was headed to. I found them and picked up two of the four available flavors;” Pure Doctor (a Dr. Pepper reference)” and “root beer.” They were $5 for both, so quite reasonable in my book. I took them home and put them in my fridge. 

I was scared to try these on my own, so I enlisted the help of my friends during our 4th of July party. We all cautiously sniffed them, poured them into cups, and took a swig. Reactions? WOAH. They tasted like what they said they did! No vinegar taste at all. Sweet, but definitely not as sweet as regular soda pop. There wasn’t any “probiotic” after-taste either, which is nice. It had a good level of fizziness, but it wasn’t as highly carbonated as regular soda pop. It’s a tasty beverage that happens to be chocked full of good bacteria and yeast. I could feel my gut getting healthier immediately! Well, maybe not, but my tastebuds were pretty happy. 

I have since tried two other flavors: cola and limon, which is Sprite/7Up/Sierra Mist-ish. Both are good. The cola wasn’t my favorite, but I’ve never been a big fan of cola in the first place. The Limon needed a bit of sour lemon-lime flavor; it tasted a bit too sweet for my liking. It wasn’t bad at all though. In fact, one of my favorite things is to mix it with tart lemonade for a fizzy summer drink. 

They also have orange soda and ginger ale flavors, but I wasn’t able to find them. I NEED to get my hands on some of that ginger ale though. I’m a big ginger fan. 

These are made right here in Texas so I’m giving my business to a local company, which makes it even better. Check out their website for availability in your area. Also, this is a totally un-compensated post. I don’t get paid, nor was I given free kombucha to write this up. Although I totally should be. Free kombucha would be awesome. Pioneer woman gets Kitchenaid mixers and La Crueset dutch ovens. Why can’t I get cool stuff like that? I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that she has a billion readers and as of right now, I have 11 blog hits… 
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