Okay, I’ve been neglecting this blog. No one reads it, so I suppose there no love lost. I’ll pick it back up now that it’s warm and summery again! I started quilting, thanks to my new Baby Lock sewing machine. It’s kind of my favorite thing ever. Speaking of favorite things, I was lucky enough to receive a Bella VoxBox from Influenster. There’s nothing better than getting my packages in the mail and this was a pretty great one!  

So much fun stuff!!! I’m a sucker for makeup, no matter how organic and green I get. The Rommel Scandaleyes by Kate is my new favorite. The brush is a weird wavy shape and I was a little skeptical of how it would work but WOAH. Serious lengthening. My lashes hit my eyebrows with just a coat of this. The Rimmel Kate lipstick is a great shade, cal though a bit brown for me. The coverage is excellent and it’s very smooth going on. I didn’t feel the need to immediately use Lip gloss like I do with other brands. My favorite eyeliner is from Rimmel but I hadn’t branched out much into their other products. I will now! I also got a mattifying powder brush from EcoTools. I didn’t realize that a brush could help shine. I never occurred to me. But yep, it does and yep, this brush is awesome. 

Dove also sent some chocolate covered blueberries, which were delicious according to my husband and daughter (who snuck nearly the whole package). I couldn’t eat them, since they were manufactured in a facility with a wheat. But they were enjoyed! 

I got some Airbrush Legs from Sally Hansen too. The shade is much darker than I would have chosen, but I was surprised at how well it blended in. I’m pale, VERY pale. I used to tan a bit when I was younger, but not any more. Sunscreen is my friend. That being said, I do think summer whites look better on tanned skin. This stuff makes me tan without any of the skin cancer risk! It’s a win-win. 

The last thing I got in the box was a tube of Not Your Mother’s Deja Vu Do style extender. I don’t style my hair often, but when I do, I’ll definitely use this to keep my style and refresh my hair. Smells super good!
And that’s what I got. It’s awesome.