I like to smell good. I take great care to use lotions and potions, drips and dabs of things to keep me as fragrance neutral and non-offensive as possible. Because of that, I’m PICKY when it comes to perfume. I don’t like floral, I don’t like musky, I don’t like warm scents, or things that smell like food. Warm vanilla sugar? The bane of my entire middle school career. I was a juniper breeze girl, thankyouverymuch. I prefer clean, crisp scents. Herbal, green, citrus. Those are my go-To scents. The weird thing? I REALLY like Eternity Now by Calvin Klein. It’s warm, floral, and a bit powdery. I shouldn’t like it, but I do. I got a small vial from Influenster to try (free stuff! yay!) and it reacts well with my body chemistry. It just makes me smell nice. It’s not overpowering, it’s not too heavy. I will definitely be adding this to my perfume repertoire, which says something! image